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Portable application that allows you to easily protect your files with an advanced data encryption technology
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3 December 2007

EnCryption Gadget 1.0 review

EnCryption Gadget, the most reliable and handy gadget to encrypt any file or folder in absolute privacy and security.
This tool ensures you absolute privacy and security to your vital files and folder with its 32-448 bits fast and secured Blowfish encryption algorithm. With the simple drag-n-drop hi-tech interface this tool ensures compatibility with Total Autorunner Encryption engine file format. The various features enhanced with this tool are; it supports portable installation, allows easy marking of encrypted files with names for easy recognition, provides detailed reports of operations, supports keys up to 56 digits for encryption/decryption, with very low system resources consumption the tool gets to the idle state, the tool can also remember its latest position in the screen, and many other features to provide its users utmost security.
Get the most simple and user-friendly tool to keep your data safe and your files and folders encrypted on any PC.

Publisher's description

EnCryption Gadget is a portable application that allows you to easily protect your files with the advanced data encryption technology thanks to the very secure Blowfish encryption algorithm, with 32 - 448 bits cipher key, full drag&drop interface and a very beautiful hi-tech interface. Acts as a real hi-tech device and ensures the full compatibility with Total Autorunner Encryption engine file format.
Main features
- 32 - 448 bits very fast Blowfish encryption engine;
- full drag&drop interface;
- portable installation;
- english/italian versions in the same executable;
- marks filename of encrypted files for easy recognition;
- detailed reports of operations.
Additional features
- encryption/decryption key up to 56 digits;
- indication of the encryption key efficiency;
- indication of the progress of assigned tasks;
- very hi-tech interface and behavior;
- idle state (very low system resources consumption) when unused since 10 seconds;
- always on top option;
- full compatibility with Total Autorunner Encryption engine file format
Hi-Tech behavior of the Gadget
EnCryption Gadget acts as a real hi-tech device.
While the cipher key is being inserted, EnCryption Gadget checks its efficiency and displays the level of security on the top-left scale.
During encryption/decryption process, the display shows specific messages and reports related to the process and the lower bar will show the general progress of requested tasks.
Display of long messages is ensured by two scrolling buttons.
If unused for more than 10 seconds, EnCryption Gadget gets the idle state with very low system resources consumption.
EnCryption Gadget returns in normal state when the mouse cursor overlaps its interface.
The Gadget can be moved around the screen dragging the right metallic grid.
EnCryption Gadget will remember its last position in the screen.
It can be maintained on top of other windows using the specific button.

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